Asics’s MetaRide Running Shoe Is Designed To Make Long Runs Easier


If the Nike Zoom Vaporfly 4% proved nothing else, it was that runners are prepared to spend big money on a shoe that they believe will improve their running. Asics has taken that ball and run with it by launching a shoe which costs £220. That substantial wodge of cash buys you the MetaRide, designed to make running long distances easier thanks to the energy-saving technology in the sole.

Key to that is the new Guidesole, a curved sole that rocks the foot forwards with each stride to propel you on your way. Other shoe brands have used a rocker in their shoes before, but Asics has numbers to back up the effectiveness of its Guidesole. Testing done at Loughborough University by research and development company Progressive Sports indicates energy loss around the ankle joint is reduced by 19%.

The shoe’s design also reduces movement through the ankle during running to provide more stability and promises an entirely new running sensation.

Along with the Guidesole, the shoe is crammed with all manner of other proprietary tech, including Asics’s FlyteFoam and FlyteFoam Propel midsole foams. These are found in other Asics shoes like the DynaFlyte 3 and offer lightweight cushioning for long runs, though we haven’t found them to be as bouncy as other brand’s foams like Adidas’s Boost and Saucony’s Everun.

Given that the MetaRide’s focus is squarely on making long-distance running easier, it doesn’t seem as if Asics is going up against the Vaporfly by claiming the MetaRide to be a PB-setting machine. However, a more efficient, energy-saving stride will surely have a positive effect on your time over marathon distance.

The launch version of the MetaRide, with a black upper and red sole, will be available in limited quantities from 28th February on the Asics website. At £220 it’s even more expensive than the Vaporfly (£209.95), though the MetaRide shouldn’t have the durability concerns of Nike’s record-setting shoe, which only tends to be at its best for around 200km.

Buy from Asics | £220


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How Did Alicia Keys Meet Swizz Beatz?


LOS ANGELES, CA - FEBRUARY 10: Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz attend the 61st Annual GRAMMY Awards at Staples Centre on February 10, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Dan MacMedan/Getty Images)

One of music’s cutest and most talented pairs, Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz, haven’t always been the loved-up, carefree couple they appear as today. In fact, if we rewind to their early days, it involves a bit of scandal and not nearly as much love.

The piano-playing Grammy winner actually met Swizz Beatz — whose given name is Kasseem Dean — when they were both teenagers, she told Marie Claire UK in 2013. It wasn’t love at first sight, though. “Everything with him is really over the top. I used to see him and think, ‘He is so annoying,'” she told the magazine.

And while her team tried to get her to work with the producer and DJ professionally, she resisted because she just didn’t really like him. Once she gave in, though, it went better than she expected, and she told Marie Claire UK that they “had a ball” together.

It took a few more years before the two became romantically involved, possibly around 2008, but at the time Swizz was married to R&B singer Mashonda Tifrere, with whom he shares a child, Kasseem Dean, Jr. The details of his marriage and separation are fuzzy — Mashonda wrote an open letter to Alicia on Twitter in 2009 claiming her marriage wasn’t as over as others may have thought.

She wrote on Twitter: “I MADE IT VERY CLEAR THAT ON THE CONTRARY OF WHAT SHE MIGHT BE HEARING, I AM STILL MARRIED TO MY HUSBAND, LIVING WITH HIM AND JUST HAD A CHILD. ITS BEEN TWO YEARS AND I STILL HAVE NOT RECEIVED A RESPONSE.” But Alicia told Jet in 2012, “There’s no need to fight what’s not true” because Mashonda and Swizz had already split.

It’s hard to say what really went down in the early days of Alicia and Swizz’s love story, but Alicia did throw Swizz a birthday party in 2008 at New York’s Guggenheim Museum that he referenced in Drake’s 2009 song “Best I Ever Had”: “She gave me a party at the Guggenheim . . . What’s next? The ring? The baby? She really loves me.”

And apparently the answer to that was all of the above.

The pair got married in 2010 in Corsica, France, while Alicia was pregnant with their first child. Deepak Chopra officiated the small ceremony and famous friends, including Queen Latifah and Bono, came out to support the couple. Alicia gave birth to their baby boy, Egypt, just three months later.

The couple had a second baby boy, Genesis, in 2014, and the whole family is sweet as can be. Swizz has also apparently smoothed things over with ex Mashonda, at least to an extent, because their son Kasseem looks right at home with stepmom Alicia. Alicia even dropped the song “Blended Family” in 2016 about all of them working together as one giant family.

“I’m so excited for you to hear this song. It means so much to me and our whole family. The understanding, compassion and support we’ve found is a powerful testament to the healing that comes when we choose love. Especially for the kids… the most important part of our lives. Celebrating @mashondatifrere for our commitment to each other with support and true growth,” she wrote on her Instagram announcement.

These days, Alicia and Swizz are content to support each other in their work and look incredibly in love while doing so.


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How to Eat Low-Carb as a Vegetarian



Going low-carb means cutting back on staples like grains, starchy vegetables, and fruit, and replacing them with other veggies, proteins, and healthy fats. At first glance, that may make following a low-carb diet seem unrealistic for vegetarians — but it’s totally possible as long as you’re mindful of getting in all the nutrients you need while keeping your carb intake under control. POPSUGAR consulted Amanda Nighbert, RD, and Carolyn Williams, PhD, RD, to learn how vegetarians can safely and successfully lose weight on a low-carb plan.

1. Know Your Plant-Based Proteins

Many people up their intake of poultry, salmon, and eggs when they go low-carb, but that’s not an option if you just say “no” to animal proteins. “One of the most challenging parts of doing a low-carb diet as a vegetarian will be getting enough protein,” Nighbert told POPSUGAR. “What a lot of people don’t realise is that protein is found in every food group except fruit. For example, one cup of cooked spinach contains roughly five grams of protein, and a cup of portobello mushrooms has four grams of protein.” And that’s without the more classic sources of plant-based protein, including nuts, nut butters, seeds, tofu, and tempeh, which are among Dr. Williams’s favourites.

2. Watch Those Carbs

Foods like broccoli, oats, and quinoa do pack protein, but they also have a higher carb content than leafy green vegetables or nuts. “It can be challenging to keep your carbs low while consuming so many extra vegetables. The carbs can add up quickly,” Nighbert said. She encourages her clients to plan out their meals in advance, and track the macronutrients as they build out their menu for the next day. “This will allow you to calculate the macronutrient totals for different foods and keep the carb total in line with your goals.”

Remember, too, that not all carbs are created equal. “There are lots of plant-based foods that have carbs, but because they’re high in fibre, they can be included in a low-carb diet,” Dr. Williams told POPSUGAR. For example, 1/2 cup of canned black beans contains 20 grams of carbs and eight grams of fibre, which is equal to just 12 net carbs, a number you can calculate by subtracting the grams of fibre from the total carb count. “Since fibre doesn’t trigger an insulin response, focus on foods with a low net carb total,” she said.

3) Get Your Fill of Healthy Fats

Salads are great and all, but if you don’t throw a healthy dose of fats in there somewhere, you’re going to start feeling those hunger pangs pretty quickly. Most animal proteins do provide some dietary fat, but in their absence, you’ve got to know your plant-based fats. On your next grocery trip, fill your cart with avocados, nuts, and olive oil, which Nighbert says will “help fill you up and keep you full between meals.”

However, Dr. Williams warned that “it can be easy to go overboard on foods high in saturated fat (like cheese and full-fat dairy), especially if you aren’t incorporating enough high-fibre protein foods, like beans.” If you’re just getting started, your best bet is to fill your plate with a colourful variety of vegetarian-friendly foods, so you’re getting all the good stuff your body needs.


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Primary care startup Eden Health raises $10M Series A for nationwide expansion


New York-based primary care startup Eden Health has raised a $10 million Series A round led by Greycroft Partners to fuel its growth across the country. Other participating investors included PJC, 645 Ventures and Aspect Ventures

The company, which was founded in 2015, has developed an employer-focused platform that combines virtual primary care services, physical in-person clinics and insurance navigation to cut through the confusing web of clinical services and benefits offered to employees.

After signing up with Eden Health, users are linked to their own personal care team made up of doctors, physician assistants, nurses, behavioral health providers and insurance navigators that are able to guide and coordinate care. The startup employs around 30 people, including clinicians, and bolsters its clinical staff with part-time employees from additional medical groups.

The new capital will go towards expanding its virtual care offerings to 50 states and opening up new physical clinics in Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Boston and Los Angeles in partnership with an employer clinic company. Eden Health currently operates two physical clinics in New York.

Eden Health CEO Matt McCambridge said while employers can utilize the company’s platform in conjunction with existing primary care offerings, most of their customers instead choose to replace their current primary care provider.

“Even if you have a primary care provider that you really like, you’re sometimes waiting two or three weeks before you can get an appointment,” McCambridge said. “It’s not useful to have that primary care relationship unless you can take advantage of it.”

Eden Health positions primary care as central in effectively routing care, improving outcomes and lowering overall costs. That thesis has its roots in McCambridge’s experience of seeing his sister shuttled from specialist to specialist for an undiagnosed condition before a primary care doctor was able to step in and treat the issue. 

The startup is targeting “mid-market” employers with between 300 and 5,000 employees, which has not previously had access to Eden Health’s version of end-to-end primary care services.

As opposed to many startups selling into the employer market, Eden’s customers are both self-funded and fully-insured. 

“We’re full primary care providers and many customers will make us the primary care provider of record. We’re also credentialed with all the major carriers, so what’s happening is that (employers) are carving out a piece of what they would spend on primary care and sending that to us,” McCambridge said. 

Eden also serves to more tightly rein in specialty care referrals by giving clinical teams more time to handle issues and getting specialist second opinions prior to making referrals out. McCambridge said Eden only works with specialists that will report data back in order to provide more context to customers and ensure quality outcomes for patients. 

In order to convince employers to sign up, McCambridge said the startup contracts at-risk with their employer customers. So far, the company has seen around 10 percent in savings on total healthcare spend.

The company touts a 7 minute wait time for their virtual care and says handles 70 percent of their care virtually.

Even with the promise of virtual care, however, utilization of telehealth services has remained low. McCambridge said one of the company’s key points of differentiation has been in creating engagement rates of 63 percent in their platform by creating one place to handle virtual care visits, book in-person appointments and handle insurance claims.

Employers are getting increasingly fatigued in sheer number of digital health solutions being offered, many of which sit unused by employees. By functioning as an initial healthcare touchpoint for workers, Eden Health clinicians can build existing digital health tools into care plans.

Eden Health is just one in a pack of companies looking to blend in-person and digital care to offer end-to-end solutions for employers wanting to cut their healthcare costs. 

Case in point, employer clinic company Crossover Health recently acquired online primary care startup Sheerpa to build out its virtual care apparatus.

Another competitor is Carbon Health, a San Francisco-based virtual primary care provider which merged with a chain of urgent care clinics to provide a combination of physical and online-based services.

Picture: Ekspansio, Getty Images


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Examples of Nonexercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT)


You’re probably familiar with the core principles of weight loss: eating healthy, exercising, getting enough sleep, and manageing stress. And while these factors all play a role, there’s one concept that’s often overlooked when it comes to weight loss: nonexercise activity thermogenesis, or NEAT.

NEAT refers to any activity that you do throughout the day outside of formal exercise and sleeping. “NEAT is a huge part of the weight-loss puzzle that many people overlook,” Eric Bowling, an NASM-certified personal trainer at Ultimate Performance who helps clients lose weight, told POPSUGAR. “Your hour in the gym will only contribute so much to your daily energy expenditure; it’s what you do in the other 23 hours of your day that has a much bigger impact on your overall energy expenditure.”

For people who work more labour-intensive and active jobs — construction workers, personal trainers, restaurant servers — their NEAT is usually sufficient throughout the day. But for the rest of us, who work sedentary jobs where we drive to work and sit at a desk for eight or more hours before driving home and watching TV on the couch, our NEAT is basically nonexistent.

One of the easiest ways to increase NEAT is to get in more steps — aim for 10,000 a day for weight loss. You can track your steps with a Fitbit, Apple Watch, pedometer, or free app on your smartphone. Struggling to get your steps in? Try parking farther away from your destination or getting off a stop or two before your destination on public transportation. Looking for more ways to up your NEAT? Check out this list below, including ideas from Eric.

Examples of NEAT:

  • Sweeping
  • Dusting
  • Washing dishes
  • Vacuuming
  • DIY projects
  • Mowing the lawn
  • Raking leaves
  • Gardening
  • Washing the car
  • Playing with your kids
  • Taking the dog for a walk
  • Going on a hike with a friend
  • Walking with your partner after dinner
  • Exploring your city
  • Carrying groceries back from the store
  • Doing a quick bodyweight circuit when you wake up


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What Is Ariana Grande’s Net Worth?


LOS ANGELES, CA - JUNE 02:  (EDITORIAL USE ONLY. NO COMMERCIAL USE) Ariana Grande performs onstage during the 2018 iHeartRadio Wango Tango by AT&T at Banc of California Stadium on June 2, 2018 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images for iHeartMedia )

Ariana Grande may be young, but her 2019 net worth is astronomical. She’s managed to become one of the biggest names in music over the span of a few short years — and now she’s even making music history! Looking at her fab style and the lush production values on her music videos, anyone can see that Grande’s finances are in great shape. But even the biggest fans might be surprised to know just how well the singer has done for herself.

Ready for this? Judging by her various ventures listed below, Grande’s net worth is approximately $80 million. This is, by all measures, a massive number, but it does come from a pretty wide variety of sources. Over the course of her career, Grande has had income from acting gigs, endorsements and other style and beauty partnerships, and, of course, her music career, which includes record sales, touring, and merch.

It’s the touring that provided Grande’s biggest payday to date. According to Billboard, Grande’s “Dangerous Woman” tour grossed a whopping $71 million! While that figure from her 2017 tour isn’t her actual paycheck, since the tour also costs serious money to run and the profits don’t go solely to her, it’s safe to say that her take-home pay from the tour was pretty large. During that same tour, Variety reported the average earnings as almost $630,000 per night — and around $50,000 of that typically came from merchandise sales.

Grande’s music doesn’t just rake in the dough from touring; her actual record sales are pretty amazing, too. MTV reported in June 2018 that downloads of Grande’s singles had brought in around $29.5 million as well. Considering that she’s sold close to two million albums in the US, that should come as no surprise! And since that date, Grande has released more music, most notably her album Thank U, Next, which continues to drop singles and videos and bring in the profits for Grande.

Apart from her music, Grande has tackled some other ventures, which have also been smashing successes. For instance, she partnered with Luxe Brands on a perfume line, and in 2017, the company announced that her three fragrances had sold over $150 million globally. She launched a fourth scent with Luxe in 2018, with estimated first-year sales of around $50 million, according to WWD. Grande also has endorsements in the fashion industry, notably a 2017 partnership with Reebok and a 2016 collection with the British brand Lipsy.

Even before she was an A-list superstar, Grande pulled in a pretty respectable salary as an actress and songwriter. Back in her Victorious days, TMZ reported, she made $9,000 per episode. There were also bonuses written in for when she wrote original music for the show. This included $4,000 for writing a theme song, with a $3,000 tag on other songs and even $1,500 for something as small as a 20-second track. So what does all this information boil down to? Grande may have a pretty hefty net worth (and it’s still growing!), but she’s smartly diversified and worked hard for every dollar!


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How to Lose Weight on a Budget


Everything about losing weight can feel tough, from finding the motivation to exercise on days that you just want to watch Netflix, to fighting the temptation to indulge in the donuts your coworker brought in. It seems unfair, really, that your budget can add another layer of stress to the situation — but I learned the hard way that healthy food often comes with a higher price tag.

I’ll admit that I struggled when I first decided to clean up my eating habits and get in better shape. But eventually, I came to realise that you don’t have to drain your bank account to eat delicious, nutritious food. Here are the tricks I learned through trial and error that can help you eat healthy and lose weight, without destroying your budget.


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Jennifer Lopez’s Advice For Bradley Cooper at 2019 Oscars


Bradley Cooper didn’t just give valuable Oscars advice this year, he received it too! The A Star Is Born actor might’ve had a little stage fright ahead of his now-legendary performance with Lady Gaga. Luckily, Jennifer Lopez was sitting nearby for a quick pep talk, 30 seconds before he started singing. “He seemed a little nervous,” J Lo shared on boyfriend Alex Rodriguez’s Instagram live on Sunday night. “I just whispered, I said, ‘The song is so beautiful. When they hear the first few notes, they’re going to start applauding. So don’t worry. Just deliver the song.’ He was like, ‘I got it, I got it, okay.'”

Well, her advice was effective! While Bradley previously called performing at the Oscars “some kind of death wish,” he and Gaga went on to deliver a dazzling “Shallow” duet that left fans blushing — and J Lo loved it, too! “An amazingly beautiful intimate performance,” she said, praising the duet. “To have a front-row seat to that was so special.” Fun fact: J Lo and Bradley were rumoured to have dated following her split from Marc Anthony in 2011.


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FDA panel votes to delay Karyopharm myeloma drug’s approval amid safety concerns


Shares of the company were down more than 12 percent in premarket trading on the Nasdaq Wednesday. They had already fallen 46 percent Friday after the release of AdCom briefing documents.


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The UK’s Best Recipe Boxes


What’s the worst thing about cooking? If you answered peeling vegetables you’re close – peeling vegetables is terrible – but you’re still wrong, because it’s a trick question. The worst thing about cooking isn’t part of cooking at all: it’s planning meals and shopping for the ingredients.

Those two things will suck up time like nobody’s business, but you can skip them and still enjoy the fun part of cooking – the bit in the kitchen (aside from peeling) – by getting recipe boxes delivered to your door.

These contain all the ingredients you need to cook delicious meals and the recipe you need to follow, and nowadays you can get boxes delivered which cater to all dietary preferences. We love testing these boxes, because we learn how to cook new meals, especially quick midweek options that are healthier than ready meals and takeaways, and have tried a whole load of them. Here’s what we found.


If you are really looking to take out all the preparatory steps of cooking, HelloFresh’s recipe boxes are an appealing proposition. You don’t even need to bother with the measuring, because all the ingredients – even the chopped garlic – are shipped in the precise amounts needed. The recipe instructions are so clear that they are almost entirely foolproof.

HelloFresh has options to suit most dietary restrictions, although not vegan. The classic box comes in regular or vegetarian form, and the new preferences menu lists gluten-free, dairy-free, veggie and low-calorie recipes. If you’re always short on time, you can also opt for the rapid box, which contains recipes that can be made in 20 minutes or less.

The classic recipes are reliably tasty, though not always as healthy as some other options on this list, but HelloFresh has a range of low-calorie options on its menu, each of which come in under 550 calories. Generally there’s a couple of portions of your five-a-day in each meal, though adding some veg on the side will be a worthwhile move for some of the more indulgent classic options.

Buy from HelloFresh | From £5.83/meal (classic box) and £4.92/meal (rapid box) | HelloFresh review

Morrisons Eat Fresh

Supermarket behemoth Morrison stormed into the recipe box market in late 2018 with a pretty compelling sales pitch – its recipe boxes were cheaper than the rest, with a three-meal box for two people clocking in at £4.14 per serving.

That wouldn’t have mattered if the meals weren’t up to snuff, but when we tried the Eat Fresh service we found them well suited to midweek dinners. The recipes weren’t extremely novel or out-of-this-world delicious, but they were easy to make and reliably tasty.

There is also a wide range of meals available no matter what your dietary preferences are, including pescatarian, vegan, low-calorie (under 550 per serving), and other healthy meals that might not cut calories but provide plenty of veg for a well-balanced plate. The latter are especially good for people doing a lot of exercise who need the calories but don’t want to load up on junk.

Morrisons doesn’t divide up ingredients to fit the recipe to quite the same extent as other companies, instead sending out own-brand products like an entire tub of cream cheese when you only need 150g, for example. This can make it slightly trickier to make the meals, but does mean you get some extra ingredients as bonus.

Buy from Morrisons | From £3.33 per serving | Morrisons Eat Fresh review


There’s a lot to like about Gousto’s recipe box service. The range is huge and you can pick individual recipes to suit your tastes or dietary requirements, including vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and dairy-free, and there are meals that take just ten minutes to make. All the recipes are well thought out and easy to cook without rushing or having to focus on three different pans at once. Gousto’s meals are also cheaper than HelloFresh and Mindful Chef.

The only real downside is that Gousto’s ingredients don’t come pre-sorted, so if you order a four-recipe box you’ll get four recipes’ worth of ingredients jumbled together – including a sack of spice sachets that need to be sorted. Do your sorting immediately and you’ll be fine, but leave it until to just before you start cooking, or worse, once you’ve started, and you’ll be frantically flicking through sachets trying to find the right spice.

Buy from Gousto | From £4.37pp for two-person meals, £2.98pp for family meals | Gousto review

Mindful Chef

The Mindful Chef website has some slightly dubious messaging about carbs and gluten (all their meals are gluten-free, which is great for people with coeliac disease and of no proven health benefit to anyone else), but the meals themselves are top-notch – with plenty of vegetables and some interesting recipes. We found eating a rich beef bolognese with a side of sweet potato instead of pasta rather refreshing.

The Mindful Chef recipes are a little more complicated than in other recipe box services, but the extra concentration required during cooking is rewarded with more novel flavours once you’re tucking in. The Persian mint chicken with pomegranate was a highlight from the recipe box we tried, even if we did spray pomegranate seeds all over the kitchen in attempting to prise them loose from the fruit. The instructions are generally clear, but if you’re very new to cooking you may find they take some things for granted that probably shouldn’t be taken for granted. For example, the instruction “trim the purple sprouting broccoli” suggests they have unreasonable expectations of how many people are familiar with trimming purple sprouting broccoli. On the other hand it seems like it’s a tricky veg to trim incorrectly, so no biggie.

There are vegan recipes available (the jerk jackfruit is a guaranteed winner), along with options that fit with nutritional targets you might have like high protein or low calorie (but not high carb, obviously). All the recipes are designed to be made in 30 minutes or less – with a new line promising 15-minute options – and we had no trouble completing them in time. Apart from the occasion when we paused cooking to spend five minutes sweeping up pomegranate seeds, but that’s on us.

Buy from Mindful Chef | From £5.12pp per meal


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